New Report Warns Against Abbreviating ‘2020’ When Signing Legal Documents


We’ve arrived at another year, 2020. Another report has surfaced cautioning people in general to abstain from shortening ‘2020’ when marking authoritative records. On the off chance that you sign an archive as only ’20,’ somebody might alter it to be an alternate year. The East Millinocket Police Department in Maine was one of the first to post about it on their Facebook page to make others mindful.

The post reads, “When signing and dating legal documents, do not use 20 as the year 2020. March 3rd, 2020 being written as 3/3/20 could be modified to 3/3/2017 or 3/3/2018. Protect yourself. Do not abbreviate 2020.”

Police warn against abbreviating 2020 when signing your legal documents

This is sound advice and should be considered when signing any legal or professional document. It could potentially save you some trouble down the road.Meme credited to George E. Moore Law Office, LLC.

Posted by East Millinocket Police Department on Wednesday, 1 January 2020

The police office discharges an extra articulation as the first gets some analysis and backfire. They state, “There is by all accounts a great deal of analysis here for a basic preventative post. If you don’t mind comprehend that we handle trick and misrepresentation approaches an ordinary premise so we attempt to furnish our little network with tips to stay away from potential issues. Obviously we comprehend that all dates can be changed, anyway I accept that most here would concur that if a record of any sort, either legitimate or proficient, is drawn out into the open as being manufactured or false, it would almost certainly raise undeniably increasingly warnings, contingent upon the conditions, on the off chance that it had a date of 1999 rather than 2019 or 2021.”

They proceed, “Once more, we imparted this image to a basic preventative post, giving the residents of our little network data to consider. Crooks are continually searching for approaches to exploit individuals. This image gave a tip that we felt has some legitimacy so this is the reason we shared it. It isn’t expected as legitimate exhort or an admonition, just as a preventative tip to consider.”

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