The engineer who claimed that Google’s Artificial Intelligence has feelings has been fired

Blake Lemoine, the Google engineer who publicly claimed that the conversational artificial intelligence LaMDA has feelings, has been fired, according to a newsletter from Big Technology, who spoke with Lemoine.

In June, Google suspended Lemoine with pay for violating a nondisclosure agreement after he contacted members of the government about his concerns, and hired a lawyer to represent LaMDA.

A statement emailed to The Verge on Friday by Google spokesman Brian Gabriel appeared to confirm Lemoine’s firing, saying, “We wish Blake all the best.”

Google claims that it extensively reviewed Lemoine’s claims and found them to be “totally unfounded.”

Lemoine claims that his conversations with the LaMDA “chatbot” led him to believe that it is becoming more than just a program, and that it has its own feelings and thoughts, as opposed to simply producing fairly realistic conversation. to make it look like it was designed to do.

He argues this by saying that Google researchers should request content from LaMDA before conducting experiments on it.

In fact, Lemoine himself was assigned to test whether artificial intelligence produced hate speech, and published parts of those conversations as part of the evidence on his Medium account.

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