Haxhiu: The Government of Kosovo welcomes Albania’s resolution on Dick Marty’s report

The Government of Kosovo welcomes any discussion regarding the resolution approved by the Parliament of Albania on the Dick Marty report, said the Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, and added that she does not know whether the resolution will have an impact or not “because that it is too early to talk about this”.

The Assembly of Albania has unanimously voted, with 125 votes of the deputies, the resolution with which it aims to reject the accusations of trafficking in human organs during the war in Kosovo, claims that originate from a report of the Council of Europe.

At the press conference on July 23, she said that it is important that the rights of the citizens of Kosovo who are being held in The Hague are respected.

“The reason I’m saying this is that we had concerns that their rights are being violated.”

“As for the supervisory mechanism, after the visit that the President of the Assembly [Glauk Konjufca] had, after the visit that I had, now this issue is within the framework of institutional discussions and I still cannot say what the solution is for this, but I guarantee you that we are in discussions with the institutions of Kosovo to address this issue”, she said.

However, Haxhiu said that the Special Court was found to be a fait accompli and that the current Government cannot be held responsible.

“Only those who at that time had squeezed the hands of the deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo can be held [responsible], and unfortunately they are the ones who today are throwing accusations at our Government,” she said.

Asked if they have differences regarding the Special with the Presidency, she said that “I leave it to you to find the differences if there are any”, adding that each institution knows its responsibilities. Speaking about the ministry he leads, Haxhiu said that its priority remains the fight against organized crime and corruption, and that the month of July marked the approval of eight important legal initiatives in the Government and the Assembly.

The State Bureau for the Verification and Confiscation of Unjustified Assets was also mentioned among them.

In the mandate of this Bureau, all public officials in Kosovo may be subject to asset verification if there are suspicions that it has been acquired illegally. In addition to them, the verification and confiscation of unjustifiable assets will also be done for their family members and third parties, which means the persons to whom it is suspected that the assets of public officials have been transferred.

She said that each of the recommendations of the Venice Commission in relation to this bill will be addressed and turned into an amendment.

“Consequently, we will be close to the working group for legislation in order to help them on this issue, because we have an interest in a draft law that is approved in the Assembly of Kosovo being in line with European standards, best practices, but also I respect human rights”.

At the June 18 conference, Haxhiu said that the findings of the Venice Commission recommend taking actions for the necessary legal and constitutional changes, in order to achieve the intended result for a judiciary with professional integrity and efficiency.

“The commission initially recommends the verification of high levels in the judiciary and in the prosecutor’s office, through an external mechanism, i.e. high levels starting from the Kosovo Judicial Council, the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, as well as the presidents of all courts and the chief prosecutors of all prosecutions”.

When asked about the abstaining vote of the Speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca, in the vote on the draft law for the Bureau, Haxhiu said that he clarified this “until the Legislation Commission includes the recommendations of the Venice Commission, he will maintain that position”, adding that Konjufca does not oppose this bill./REL

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