The most expensive perfume in the world costs 400 thousand euros

We wouldn’t mind paying that much for a perfume that works 60% of the time we throw it on, but for Clive Christian Imperial Majesty No.1, it would be tough.

Clive Christian’s perfume house has been supplying the British royal family with beauty products for the past 150 years. The tradition that began with Queen Victoria continues to this day and it is no coincidence that various symbols of the monarchy adorn the house’s precious bottles.

This time the house decided to launch a perfume that will surpass in price anything else on the market. Imperial Majesty is a special edition of No.1, now the flagship fragrance of the range, which is available in a half liter bottle. The bottle itself is made of Baccarat crystal, the neck of the bottle is made of 18 carat gold and in place of the cork there is a 5 carat diamond.

Its production was limited to 10 bottles and 5 or 7 of them were delivered to their lucky owners. The delivery is handled by the house of Clive Christian himself as it is transported in a Bentley that costs slightly less than the perfume and is delivered privately. The rest of the bottles are available at home and are visiting Clive Christian boutiques around the world as part of the “eat fish eyes” program.

If you really want to smell it, but you can get something equally precious for 400,000 euros./

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