Eric Dorm, new member of the FCK team, looks forward to Saumagen and ‘Lewwerworscht’

With Eric Dorm, 1. FC Kaiserslautern has made one other notable new signing. The 2014 world champion returns to his homeland within the Palatinate, which he additionally appreciates for its delicacy. Eric Dorm has by no means performed for 1.FC Kaiserslautern. Whereas the trail to many proficient boys from the area inevitably led to the … Read more

Web3 ‘Very Interesting’: Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt | Envis

Web3 'Very Interesting': Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt |  Envis

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said he thinks Web3 is an interesting part of the blockchain, noting that while the new internet iteration isn’t working yet, it is. “Very strong” concept. Apart from his comments on Web3, the former Google CEO also revealed that he also owns some crypto investments. His comments came during an … Read more